Subud Britain
National Congress, Gatherings &
Family Holiday, 6 - 13 August 2017,
Culford School, Bury St Edmunds,
Suffolk, IP26 6TX

Accommodation and Prices

We have very few single rooms available so book early if you want one.

The majority are twin rooms. During the booking process you will have the opportunity to indicate who you would like to share with (please make this indication even if you are a couple). If you don’t make an indication, we will match you with someone of the same gender.

There are also 3+ dormitory rooms available at a good price for sharers and families.

On site camping with meals is also available.

You can also book a local bed and breakfast and come as a day visitor to Congress.

Information: Call Donald Rust on 01874610606 or 07855640686, email